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The Semester news and show info

This was taken from the site earlier tonight:

Oct. 18, 2005 || hello hello hello.
the semester current events are as follows: we've got some cool shows coming up that you can purchase the fresh new EP at for $5 and should for sure. check the shows page for more details. also, we would like to confirm some rumors so that they don't get too outta hand. we have made the hard decision of parting ways with our drummer derek smith on the basis of personal differences. we are currently trying out new drummers and will have a permanent replacement by the end of october. thanks for sticking with us through this transition, we appreciate it. hope to see you all at a show in the next couple weeks. keep it real...love, the semester


anyway, here are some upcoming shows

upcoming shows

Oct 22 2005 6:00P
The Rock
Papillion, NE (see flyer)

Oct 30 2005 5:00P
The Triple Rock
Minneapolis , MN

Nov 26 2005 6:00P
Inver Grove Heights, MN



and if you would like to promote the community the info is under the cut, I made a banner that is linked back here!


<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/thesemesterrock/"><img src="http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y226/stopbeingafag/thesemestercomm.jpg" alt="title or description" border="0" /></a>

it looks like this

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